Pin AGV Lithium EV24-60


  • Product: Pin AGV Lithium 24V-60AH
  • Model: EV24-60
  • Warranty: 12 months

Mô tả

  • Product: Pin AGV Lithium 24V-60AH
  • Model: EV24-60


  •  Optimize the battery active material formula, the battery capacity is higher than the DIN40742 standard;
  •  The single large capacity is 3170AH, which avoids the capacity loss and imbalance caused by the parallel connection of batteries;
  •  The gas recombination rate is greater than 98%, no need to add water to the battery, and low maintenance;
  •  The self-discharge rate is extremely low, no need to recharge after storage for 2 years; 5. The cycle life is greater than 1200 times with 80% DOD;
  •  It can be recharged quickly, and the maximum charging current is 40% C10;
  •  No acid mist escapes during normal use, and the battery can be installed in the office or main equipment room;
  •  Easy installation, horizontal or vertical installation can be arranged according to site space and load-bearing


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